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mauriciomartinello 22nd April 2010 21:19

Problems with quota + roudcube
Good afternoon everyone,

1 year ago I installed the web server with ISPConfig and it was ok.
Some days I noticed that the change brings the disk quota of users of e-mail via the ISPConfig it is not effected on the server.
Running manually:

maildirmake -q 10485760S /var/vmail/ of the user
increases the user quota for 1G, but is RoundCube -> Usage: unlimited

but do not know how ISPConfig handles the inclusion of quotas in virtual users.
Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

till 25th April 2010 11:13

Make sure that you have the latest ispconfig release installed.

mauriciomartinello 20th July 2010 15:52

Problems with quota + roudcube
ISPConfig upgraded to version

but the problem persists.

I noticed that the problem happened after I deleted some folders with different names that were in / var / vmail / folder_domain

till 20th July 2010 15:58

Ok. Then most likely the quota information which is stored there has been deleted. Do you have a backup of the folders and files that you deleted?

mauriciomartinello 20th July 2010 16:09

Till I do not have, any suggestions?

Horfic 20th July 2010 16:15

You also should look for the one setting in Roundcube config, which tells Roundcube when Unlimited (0) is set, because Roundcube is using by default a diffrent one.

mauriciomartinello 20th July 2010 16:21

how do I know if the quota has been correctly applied by ispconfig?

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