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fabiosergio 22nd April 2010 21:07

Manual Install / compilation - default paths
Hi, can I install all by hand compilation in my own path.??
I'm manually install all the things, like pure-ftpd, apache, php, posfix, .....
I'm installing in a path like "/soft/ftp", "/soft/httpd/"....

There's any restriction

I just started the installation process but before a finish I wanna now if there's any restriction with manual install or/with the path's?

Any help is appreciated!!!
By Apt-get is more easy to install and to upgrade but,
manually installed in the machine the performance its really better!! :D
I need the best performance because i will handle hundred of domain's

By the way... I'm documenting all the process, and after I will submit to howtoforge.
I'm following the Perfect server Debian but without apt-get's

Mark_NL 23rd April 2010 10:20

We're running 1000+ domains with mail with apt-get packages just fine, so i don't see any benefits from using tarballs, unless you want to learn how to compile your own stuff and / or need to have your own customised package requirements. packages saves you alot of hassle.

But besides that, as long as you set a --prefix then you should be just fine.

fabiosergio 23rd April 2010 16:55

hi, thanks for the reply!! And for let me now that you run 1000's of domains without problem's.

My company make me a requirement and its to be compiled on the machine.:eek:
this requirement is because we have old servers with 1000's of domains and a hudge trafic of mail without problem for more than 3 years.

I will lose some days on installing and testing process before go to production.


Mark_NL 23rd April 2010 19:07


tux:~# for app in `find /usr/local/src -type d`; do cd $app;./configure --prefix=/usr/local/$app;make;make install;cd.. done

fabiosergio 23rd April 2010 19:30

Simple a amazing
Great suggestion!! :D
Simple script to do all!!

the only doubt I have is if ISPconfig 3 requires the default path's.
But now I see that is not a requirement!!! Great Panel
Other panel that I have tried just look in the default folder if not just fails!!:(

I'm new to ISPconfig but i'm turning on a fan!!!

The unique thing that the customer's/clients could complain is for a web-ftp and install script (like joomla, wordpress) and less complexity for DNS or auto Add a DNS zone wen add a domain.

web-ftp I found a solution here in the forum, and auto-script installer is in the next release.

Thanks. And great panel.
I hope in the future, help the project.
(for now, and the next few mouth's I'm with lots of works)
Sorry for my English, I hope everybody could understand me.

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