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nibbles 13th April 2010 02:54

Problems with VNC
Hello Everyone,

I am currently using Ubuntu 9.10. Recently, I have had some problems with running vnc sessions. I have no problem with setup and configuration and can in fact connect.

I have established the following scenario:

- can connect via wireless or lan connectivity from any vnc client to the server
- able to connect to other desktops via vnc or rdp and no issues

What's basically happening - is that I will see initial screen but when performing any function or task - I can see it performed physically on the server end however on the client side the screens do not refresh itself.

I've checked all ports on my network side and even DMZ'd the box in question so it's clearly pointing to my ubuntu box.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me discover what's happening.
Sorry for my description of problem if not well understood by others but feel free to ask.


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