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linuxgizmo 9th April 2010 10:17

i successfully installed my rpm kernel as per instructions (Howtoforge,compile kernel the mandriva way) now im in the stage of creating a ramdisk for newly installed kernel, but when i excute the command mkinitrd /boot/initrd-, it gives a message saying "no modules available for kernel "",

im using Mandriva 2010, please help me im stuck, thanks in advance

Mark_NL 9th April 2010 10:37

Whats the result of:

ls -al /lib/modules

linuxgizmo 10th April 2010 09:28

ls -al /lib/modules
these are the result,

Thanks for the reply:)

Mark_NL 10th April 2010 14:32

Then your command should be

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-


mkinitrd /boot/initrd-

linuxgizmo 12th April 2010 07:42

wow, that works, hehe, now i installed NVIDIA driver, and configured compiz, thank you very much:)

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