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aleksey 31st March 2010 16:47

FTP on ispconfig 3
I need a little help
i just want to give access to a user to a folder to share some files
using proftpd
If i try to add a user in ispconfig and set the directory to /home/user
i get the error
Response: 500 ?
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
do you know why ?

and the user is "defaultuser" not just user but this is less important.

aleksey 31st March 2010 16:55

in the log i also spot this : Response: 230 OK. Current restricted directory is /
btw there is no firewall on the system

aleksey 31st March 2010 17:09

i just found out
that i can upload files
but i can not see anything on the server

I uploaded a file and it shows up in /home/user
but when i log in via FTP the directory is empty
and again the error
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

i think the question is how shoud i chown the directory ?

aleksey 31st March 2010 22:28

resolved de problem chmod -R 777 /home/user :)
me stupid
maybe somebody can help me to rename the user from " defaultuser" to just "user"

Later edit

Resolved the problem by deleting the FTP User prefix from the Interface Config

Quijote Shin 16th March 2013 18:24

i know this is a old thread, but.
i was facing a lot of troubles and solved them thanks to old threads.

personally, i do not think changing permission is the best answer
and less disabling firewall.

trying to force an ACTIVE MODE connection in your FTP CLIENT, passive mode may change the communication port, then the firewall denies it

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