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jnsc 18th March 2010 23:39

phpMyAdmin 3.3.1 DEV package available for ISPConfig 2
Based on this thread I created a new DEV phpMyAdmin Package. As I changed some configuration variables, please try it on a dev server first. If I get enought positive feedback, I will move this thread into the "General" Forum.

Here come the traditional message:

On Tuesday 16 Mar 2010 phpMyAdmin 3.3.1 has been released.

Based on this version I've created a new package for ISPConfig 2.


Release notes

jnsc 6th April 2010 23:30

No news, Good news?

khayjake 10th April 2010 13:22

Hey sweet!

Thanks for .pkg ing it for us ISPConfig folk.

I've learned a little german & code translation tool usage as well.

Would anyone like me to make images for future ISPConfig releases to be used by MySQL, PHP, etc etc. checkmark boxes and availability for clients?

I think that would bring ISPConfig more popularity, due to the graphically minded internet of today. Small thumbnails by each options on the admin panel & enabled options on the hosting user panel.

I've still only used ISPConfig 3 a few times. I'm referring to ISPConfig 2 however if I could speak with the developers of ISPConfig that would be great.



till 10th April 2010 20:15

@Khayjake Do you refer to ispconfig 2 or 3 here? This thread is about the phpmyadmin package for ispconfig 3 developed by jnsc. If you have any questions about ispconfig devlopment that is not realted to this phpmyadmin package, please make a new thread in the ispconfig 2 or ispconfig 3 developer forum.

jnsc 16th April 2010 22:10

I released the 3.3.2 package

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