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fooboo 17th March 2010 17:10

ftp authentication fails
I have been using ISPConfig for a while and I have had a number of working ftp accounts pointing at various sites.

The accounts were still working yesterday but today for some reason they stopped authenticating. I get a "530 Login authentication failed" message using saved account details that were working fine yesterday and if I use ISPConfig to setup a brand new user those details get the same error message.

The only thing I have done involving user accounts since yesterday is added an IP to mysql to allow a user to administer a couple of databases remotely.

Can this affect the ftp accounts?
Is there something I can try to get them working again? I definitely have the right connection details.

fooboo 17th March 2010 17:20

It looks as though the users are still being found but their passwords are being rejected...despite being correct:

Command: USER <myuser>
Response: 331 User <myuser> OK. Password required
Command: PASS ******
Response: 530 Login authentication failed

falko 18th March 2010 15:57

Did you modify your firewall?
Did you try both active and passive transfers in your FTP client?

fooboo 18th March 2010 19:04

I didn't modify anything and the settings for my ftp client are exactly the same as when they were working. It's set to automatically try both types (I use filezilla).

I had working ftp accounts, modified mysql to allow remote access, started filezilla again and clicked on the same set of details and now it denies the password. I didn't change the firewall at all.

till 18th March 2010 19:06

Enable verbose logging in pure-ftpd and then check the log for errors:

fooboo 18th March 2010 19:08

It finds the server and accepts the username so I'm assuming the firewall is letting it through, it's just the password it rejects.

fooboo 18th March 2010 19:16

Hmm, my syslog isn't where that link thought it would be. I'll have to find it first :P
I use CentOS not Debian.

fooboo 19th March 2010 12:35

Whilst digging through my system yesterday I found out something that may be of relevance.
ISPConfig thinks my MySQL server is down. It reports it as such in the monitor section. I know it isn't because I have websites that use it and I've been using it in the command line.
I also noticed my fetchmail has stopped fetching my mail.
I wondering if ISPConfig thinking the MySQL server is down (for some unknown reason) is why ftp and fetchmail have stopped working? Could it possibly assume that the login details for both will be unavailable and therefore not try to carry out the task?

Some of the actions it carries out must be working and using MySQL as I can create accounts and see their details in the ispconfig database tables.

Another thing that makes me think maybe this is all MySQL related is that the problems occurred soon after I had modified a users remote access in the mysql command line.
I didn't touch the ispconfig database but I've use the following command to allow me to view several databases remotely:

mysql> GRANT ALL ON <db_name>.* TO root@'<my_ip>' IDENTIFIED BY '<my_root_password>';

I didn't do this to my ispconfig database but it was after I did this that my ftp went down and fetchmail stopped running.

Any ideas? Is there something I can do to the ispconfig configuration that would refresh it's MySQL settings or something and get this working again?

fooboo 19th March 2010 13:53

Just scrolling through my rsyslog I noticed the line below:

warning: connect to mysql server Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)

But my websites still connect ok.

falko 19th March 2010 17:34

What's the output of

netstat -tap

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