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trexen 17th March 2010 11:38

does not answer
I have done installation om debian Lenny, and all works fine, and use another server to resolv.

A have a test and i have point the domain to my servers IP address, and configure mydnsconfig to act as a master DNS for my i have put up a web server and mail server om another IP.

If i try dig and nslookup i got no response from the server, im sure my router i configure correctly.

i have no ide whats wrong and cant fint any error messages i the log files.

till 17th March 2010 11:42

Please post a screenshot of the domain settings in mydnsconfig for this test domain (the first tab and the records tab).

trexen 17th March 2010 11:51

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as requested

This DNS server has IP .60 at the end.

trexen 17th March 2010 11:55

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as requested2

till 17th March 2010 11:57

The zone tab is ok.

till 17th March 2010 12:06

You missed to add a dot at the end of the fully qualified domains names. In mydns and BIND, records that contain a fully qualified domain have to end with a dot.

The zone tab is ok.

trexen 17th March 2010 12:17

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it this the correct settings?

till 17th March 2010 12:26

No. You missed to add the dots in the fqdn's in the data field. Something like is a fqdn (fully qualified domain name) and a fqdn has to end with a dot. So it must be and

If you have relative records like "www", there is no dot at the end.

For example, your current MX record points to as it is currently a relative record and not a absolute.

I guess what you want is that emails for gets delivered to the server, the record for that will be:


trexen 17th March 2010 12:34

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yes you right, i hope i correctmy mistakes

till 17th March 2010 12:36

Better but not fully correct. Please see what I posted above for the mx record. Data must be and not mail. Otherwise you would be able to get only emails for but I guess you want to get emails for

The ns record is fine.

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