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andron26 15th March 2010 14:14

How to grow raid1?

I have such configuration:
OpenSuse 10.2

/dev/md0 Yes Mirrored (RAID1) /dev/sdb1 | /dev/sda1 - boot
/dev/md1 Yes Mirrored (RAID1) /dev/sdb2 | /dev/sda2 - /
/dev/md2 Yes Mirrored (RAID1) /dev/sdb3 | /dev/sda3 - swap
/dev/md3 Yes Mirrored (RAID1) /dev/sda4 | /dev/sdb4 - /kopia

What is the best scenario to grow md1 partition?

On test system from rescue cd I've removed md2 and md3 and sdb3-sda3 sdb4-sda4 partitions. Rebooted again from rescue cd and tried to grow md1 - but got error that there is no free space on device (I've used only 30% from md2 and md3). Why there is such error if there is a lot of free space or I am missing something?

Thanks in advance and sry for my english

falko 16th March 2010 15:35

I think you have to remove md1, grow sda2 and sdb2 and recreate md1 from these.

andron26 19th March 2010 08:05

Thx Falko,

I removed md1 raid and with help of this tutorial I've resized my partitions and rebuilded raid.

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