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jdg 14th March 2010 08:55

https not working after enabling ssl
I just setup a SSL certificate using the instructions documented here: (setup certificate thru the ISPConfig control panel).

After saving the new certificate (a RapidSSL certificate from clickssl), I cannot access the site by visiting still works fine. When I try using https my browser (firefox) gives me: "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at".

I tried rebooting the server. That didn't do anything. I'm not too sure how to debug SSL problems. Any suggestions?

Here's what I'm running:
-ISPConfig 2.2.32
-CentOS 5.3

By the way, SSL does work when accessing the control panel (

Also, prior to setting up the SSL, I changed the domain name for this site. I changed it from to (just to temporarily disable it). I then changed it back from to

I noticed the symbolic link in /var/www wasn't there anymore so I manually add it (with apache.web4 ownership, web4 being this site).

I'm not sure if that could be related to the problems or not. I just wanted to mention it. Thanks in advance.


Ben 14th March 2010 19:59

that https is running fine on port 81 is just reasonable, as there are two different webserver instances running with ispconfig2.

Did you check if apache listens on port 443? (-> netstat -tap)

jdg 14th March 2010 22:21

no, it's not listening to 443. httpd is only listening on port 80.

jdg 14th March 2010 22:49

mod_ssl wasn't installed. I just installed it:

yum install mod_ssl

service httpd restart

Everything is working now!

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