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kerrsmith 12th March 2010 22:40

Change from MyDNS to Bind
I am just wondering if there is a way to go from using myDNS to Bind?

I have just upgraded to the latest version and see that Bind can now be used and was thinking about trying to change.

It is more of an experiment really, myDNS works perfectly well but I just thought I might have a go on my test server.

kerrsmith 14th March 2010 11:06

Is it a matter of just deleting myDNS, installing Bind using apt and then running the upgrade script again or is it not really possible unless you are starting from a clean install?

till 15th March 2010 15:36

The bind setup is based on config files and not on a mysql database, this makes switching to bind a bit more complicated. If you want to switch form mydns to bind, you have to uninstall mydns, then install bind, then run the ispconfig update.php and select to reconfigure services. Then go to the ispconfig server settings and check that the path for the named.conf file and the directory for the bind config files is correct. Afterwards you will have to edit every dns record (zone) in ispconfig, change a value like the ttl and click on save, so that the bind files get written for this record.

kerrsmith 16th March 2010 21:53

Thanks for the information, I did the following and it appears to have worked as expected:

Deleted myDNS from the server and removed from startup directories
Restarted server
Installed Bind9
Downloaded ISPConfig and ran update.php
Logged in to control panel and checked DNS settings under the Server Config menu, they were all correct
Edited DNS record to trigger an update
Manually checked the bind directory and the new DNS file was created

It looks as if everything worked and the new Bind DNS server is responding to requests for the domain names it hosts.

Thanks again for the help.

admins 21st March 2010 19:53

And how do you do the dns replication with bind?
I run with mydns the dns replicationscript wich franz has written.
May bind isn't based on mysql.

Could you write a howto, with the path where i must delete the mydns files and startup entries?


till 21st March 2010 20:27

Why do you want to switch to bind with your current setup? The functions that yu have now ith mydns are the same then with bind.

kerrsmith 31st March 2010 14:59

The only reason I wanted to switch was just as an experiment to see how I could do it.

Mydns works perfectly for me but I have a test server that I use to play about with as I find it a great way to learn how things work, if it all goes wrong I can just blank it and start again from scratch.

To remove mydns I just did a search on the hard drive for files called mydns and deleted them then went in to the rc[0 1 2 ...].d directories and removed the mydns files (this prevents mydns from starting on boot). I then restarted and installed bind9 and then edited all my dns zones as recommend by Till.

After this bind9 had all the required data in its zone files and was working as expected.

lucani 31st March 2010 18:19

I have a question: You downloaded MyDNS tar.gz package ( 2009-03-26 ) or maybe files from SVN? I noticed that although tar.gz package was released more than year ago, there was changes in SVN (e.g. and before). One of rev should fix problem with axfr (from description). So tell me if you used SVN and this is the reason why it works for you but not for me.

baskin 12th September 2010 18:59

Which update.php we have to run and how?

artmanseattle 14th September 2010 07:19

When you download ISPConfig3 again (since it is no longer in your /tmp directory) and look in the 'install' directory, you will find update.php as well as all the other scripts for manipulating your ISPConfig3 installation.

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