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carlosinfl 3rd March 2010 18:38

Legally Changed My Name
I legally changed my name which was one of the worst experiences I have had to go though but it was worth it. I have taken my mothers maiden last name and would like to know if it's possible for a admin / mod to please change my login ID for this forum. I don't want to abandon my account but I do not want to have any more association with my birth name 'Williams'. Is it possible for someone to please assist me? I looked and didn't see a sticky for this commonly asked request.

I checked and saw that 'carlosinfl' was available so if anyone could please adjust my login ID to this?

till 3rd March 2010 19:33

Thats no problem at all. I've changed your account name.

carlosinfl 3rd March 2010 19:56

Thank you very much!

Ovidiu 8th November 2010 21:13

is it possible to get one's name changed too?
Been a member for quite a while, using this silly nickname of mine...
Tried manually changing but oen can only change the name field, not the login name :-(
If you could do that, please reply here and I'll PM you my name.


falko 9th November 2010 17:45

Yes, that's possible. Please include your email address in the PM, because if I change your login name and reply to you via PM, you cannot log in because you don't know your login name/don't know if it has already been changed.

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