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BeeJees 24th February 2010 19:25

Jailkit + ISPCONFIG = Nightmare
Hi everybody,

I search a solution since many days and i didnt find a solution of my trouble ...
You are my last chance !!! :D

I got a OVH RPS with default ispconfig configuration, This server is a web server with many vhosts, and I wanted to give ssh access (more secure than ftp) to my users.

With jailkit, I was thinking It'll be simple to chroot all my ssh user.

And to configure there :

But it didn't work ... Then I saw that jailkit was not installed in my server even if the option was enable in the configuration (... poor OVH ), So I installed Jailkit, but it still doesnt work ...

I saw a post with the same problem but it was for ispconfig 2 ...

If someone had the same problem plz help me !!! :D

till 24th February 2010 22:11

Thats more a problem of the ovh image then ispconfig, as jailkit has to be installed before ispconfig gets installed (see installation instructions), otherwise jailkit will not work as the jailkit install overwrites some ispconfig files. You can fix this e.g. by updating ispconfig:

and choose to reconfigure services during update to fix the broken config files.

BeeJees 25th February 2010 03:02

Thx so much to answered so fast :)

I uploaded ispconfig but I still can't connect to the shell with my user...

Can you give me a line of your file /etc/passwd when you create a ssh user with ispconfig ?

quentusrex 25th February 2010 04:04


I noticed something to that an 'upgrade' from the same version even if it is to reconfigure services isn't overwriting some of the files. Such as the /etc/postfix/ file.

till 25th February 2010 09:21

@beejees: Please delete the shell user, wait a few minutes and then create it again. The problem is not the line in the /etc/passwd file, the problem is that the jail is not setup correctly.

@quentusrex: The file is not overwritten because ispconfig is using postconf to change just some variables, if the variables are laready correct, then the file is not touched. So it might look like the config process is not run.

BeeJees 25th February 2010 14:57

Since the maj, nothing works, I can do all I want in Ispconfig (create web domain, users, ftp users), nothing is done on the server ...
However the maj did exactly like in the tutorial

Plz help me ^^

till 25th February 2010 15:17

What is the maj?

BeeJees 25th February 2010 18:46

I installed Jailkit 2.11 and made the maj ISPConfig

BeeJees 4th March 2010 11:27

Nobody ???

till 4th March 2010 11:31

You still did not say what you mean with maj. So if you did not explain your problem better, nobody is able to help you.

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