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Helmi 21st February 2010 12:28

ISPConfig3 and mailman

I have successfully installed ISPConfig3 on a Debian 5.0 system.
Tried to use mailman with it, but without success. The error I constantly get is


Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table
I followed several instructions on how to make ISPConfig (and postfix, in particular) and mailman to work together, but it just doesn't work.

Now I thought to switch from postfix to exim (and mysql; had this with ISPConfig2).
Is this possible at all?


till 21st February 2010 20:29


Is this possible at all?
no, exim is not supported.

Helmi 21st February 2010 20:42

Are there any plans in future release to support exim?

Does anyone know a way how ISPConfig3 and mailman (or any other mailing list softwqare for that matter!) really work together?

till 21st February 2010 20:46

Currently it is not planned to support exim.

mk2005 4th April 2010 15:28

I Am using Pommo And it work fine whitout any problem

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