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Nikola 20th February 2010 21:00

Advanced Email Routing

I host website example.tld with mx , I want filter all emails from spam and route to MSExchange server on some public IP.

Should i use "Advanced Email Routing?" in "Email accounts -> Advanced Email Routing", IP of MSExchange i wrote on Destination in Advanced Email Routing in ISP, and domain name : example.tld ?

My steps are:

1. Add DNS Zone: example.tld
2. Add new website: example.tld
3. Add Email Domain: example.tld
4. Add Advanced Email Routing: example.tld

Its right setup/use?

till 22nd February 2010 11:24

Yes, thats mostly correct. But do not add is as email domain (2) if you want to forward it, as this means that the domain can not be routed anymore. You can only route a domain or set it as email domain but not both.

Nikola 22nd February 2010 13:29

Yes, works fine!:-)

when is cleaned send it public IP with MS Exchange Server 2003 :eek:

but now i need fix this:

Feb 22 12:09:20 gate postfix/trivial-rewrite[24087]: warning: do not list domain in BOTH virtual_mailbox_domains and relay_domains

i found this:;en-us;886208

is some issue with MS Exchange Server 2003...

till 22nd February 2010 13:32

The fix is what I told you above. Delete the email domain. The error accours if you have a redirect and email domain, but you need only the redirect and not the email domain.

Nikola 22nd February 2010 13:38

im sorry, ok

and in some email 4 accounts from domain i want use POP3/IMAP and not route on IP, its possible? :)

till 22nd February 2010 13:42


Originally Posted by Nikola (Post 219975)
im sorry, ok

and in some email 4 accounts from domain i want use POP3/IMAP and not route on IP, its possible? :)

No. You can either route a domain or have it as local domain with mailboxes but not both.

The only solution that I see is that you create a subdomain as maildomain like and then add routing rules for the email accounts that shall stay local like route to >

Nikola 22nd February 2010 14:17

ok, im going to support you guys, i will send some $$. Thx

Nikola 22nd February 2010 21:36

when i delete email domain + added user on , spam filter is not function on Advanced Email Routing ...

till 22nd February 2010 22:08

You have to add a record under spamfilter > email / Domain with the email pattern:

Nikola 23rd February 2010 08:12

some problem yet:

Feb 23 06:55:18 gate postfix/smtpd[14944]: warning: numeric domain name in resource data of MX record for

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