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mattbrown 16th May 2006 22:45

Apache Web Forwaring
Ive been trying to find out about redirecting urls with apache but getting a bit confused

basically i have which points to the ip of my web server per normal, now some other people want to use sub omains ie etc etc so i make a new A record for which points to my apache server.

Now when somebody goes to this address i want apache to redirect them somewhere else just like somebody like 123reg would (framed). at present i overcome this by adding a virtual server for the domain then adding a php file to the virtual servers document root and getting it to send a new header but this is surely not the best way to go about this and in turn also changes the url in the users browser

falko 17th May 2006 16:42

Do you want the subdomains to point to the same web space as the main domain?

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