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DreamK 8th February 2010 14:11

kernel or hardware trouble ?
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Sorry to mind you.

Since 1 month i have a strange trouble on my Tyan 2890 and one of my raptor 1500 Sata1.

I have changed :
- the power supply
- the hard drive, sata wire
- the power wire of the hard drive is dedicated to the disk
- a clear bios

... I really don t know what to do rightnow.

My bios is set on P-ATA (S-ATA doesn t change anything). I still obtain some message, kind :


Write cache: disabled, read cache: enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA
on this partition, there is :
- /home (sdc1)
- /temp (sdc5 extended)

I ask me if it is not a Nvidia trouble... I really don t know. maybe your experience could help me :)


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