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Postfix forwarded email Abuse
Hello everyone,

since two weeks we have some problems with forwarded mail to aol.

The problem is:

we have a virtual mail address benjamin.testuser@domain.tld (these has no postbox) and forward the mail to

now some spammers detect the mail on our system and send mails to this address.

so aol maked our email server as origin of the spam.

how i can say postfix that he must use spamassassin to check that kind of outgoing mail (orig_to)? any idea?

we have a running syscp installation with postfix and spamassassin via maildrop module.

my first thought was: added smtpd -o spamassassin in the postfix but the mailserver break down and double checked every mail because of maildrop.

hope for response

falko 9th February 2010 15:03

You could install amavisd (see ), but I don't know if this configuration is supported by syscp.

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