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skoena 6th February 2010 10:04

Disabled Spam Filtering still slows down webmail mailbox
Hi there,
For my mailbox I enabled the Spam Filtering in the Squirrelmail webmail but it was slowing down the login. After that I disabled the Spam Filtering but the login still takes much longer than the other accounts where I didn't enabled the filtering.

Can anybody help me?


till 6th February 2010 20:10

Spam filtering has no influence on login times, so your problem must be related to something else. In most caeses if a login for ftp, email or ssh takes a long time, you have a dns problem, e.g. for one of the domains that is used for login is no dns record set.

skoena 6th February 2010 20:47

On the server are more mailboxes, all of them are fast with login on webmail. The only one that is slow is mine after I was playing with the spam filtering. Before it was fast. It looks to me like it's checking the inbox for spam or something esle.

till 6th February 2010 20:59

The ispconfig spamfilter is only scanning during delivery, it is not evena able to scan mailboxes. Maybe you installed any additional squirrelmail plugins that sre doing this, but I'am 100% sure it is not related to the ispconfig spamfilter.

skoena 7th February 2010 16:12

Sorry to mention, and maybe not the correct forum, but it was indeed the squirrelmail spam filering plugin.

Anybody knows how to fix this?
When I open the spam filtering option in squirrelmail it sais it is disabled, but I think it's still enabled for some reason.

Please help :-)


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