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dnikola 15th May 2006 17:31

Another problem add subdomain
I have installed ISPConfid and evrything is working OK, but I can not add subdomains.
I try evrything but with no result.
Is there any step by step manual for this?
I read this pdf that comes with a ISP config but I did not find anything that can help me.

Please help.
I loose all day on this.

falko 15th May 2006 17:38

You must add subdomains on the Co-Domains tab.

dnikola 15th May 2006 18:08

Ok that is not a probelm, but where is index file for subdomain?
I have domain: and I add co-domain

I do not need forward to folder or domain, I need index file to be in

till 15th May 2006 18:40

The co-domain points to the same folder as the main domian, so they share the same index file.

If the subdomain shall have its own index file and folder, create a nwe website.

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