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Scypher 18th January 2010 14:41

Samba passwd problem
Hello, as for my first post, I'd like to say HI to everybody. ;)
I find this page most usefull.

I work as an IT technician in radio station ČRo Regina and I just had the idea to make a Samba domain controler for our network.

I try folow the basic procedure from O'Reilly's book, but I encounter this problem.


pc245rp:~# smbpasswd -a jirka
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
Failed to modify password entry for user jirka

I've been googlin' a lot, but I'm just amateur in Linux universe and I don't know what should I be looking for exactly. :(

My configuration:

Debian 5.0.3
Samba 3.2.5

So far installed openssh server so I can control my server with Putty and Midnight Commander.

SWAT is also activated and I find it the best way to configure stuff, but adding a user for smbpasswd in SWAT doesn't work either. :confused:

Would you people give me some hints and tips how should I proceed next with configuring my Samba as a Domain Controler? :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance!

PS: I'm logged as root!

falko 19th January 2010 16:22

Are you sure you didn't mistype the password when you entered it the second time?

Scypher 20th January 2010 00:04

Yes I am.. but thanks. ;)

Anyway, problem solved. I learned that when I do "adduser" command with noshell, I creates a user wich I can use to log in to SWAT. :confused:

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