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gabrielpaulsson 29th December 2009 22:01

Move from XEN to KVM
How can I move out from XEN to KVM? I read that Ubuntu choosed KVM instead of XEN so I thought it would be good to follow the stream.

Someone that can point to a howto or explain?


Best regards,


falko 30th December 2009 15:50

gabrielpaulsson 30th December 2009 16:24


Originally Posted by falko (Post 214778)

Thanks for the reply but I allready have XEN up and running, what I need to know is how do I emigrate my guests OS and uninstall XEN and install KVM. Because im too affraid that my guests will be destroyed or the server itself will be destroyed. Its a very critical server with alot of tasks so it is crucial that I succeed.

Edit: I also use the LTS version. Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS.

Best regards,


falko 31st December 2009 14:07

I haven't tried this myself, but these links might help:

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