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bseibenick 23rd December 2009 05:23

Account setup question
I am working on getting my client templates setup for different 'plans' but had a question on setting up new accounts. Is there a way I can script the setup of a new client, site, email domain, ftp user, etc when I have a new customer without having to go to each different screen? Long term it would be nice to let a new customer enter their info in a form and then save that to a database and once I approve their info dump the info into ISPConfig and create all the appropriate accounts.

Thanks for any suggestions,

till 23rd December 2009 13:27

ISPconfig has a remote api for that. take a look at the example files in the remote_client directory in the ispconfig 3 tar.gz. Currently, there are only mail account functions available, but with ispconfig 3.0.2 it will be possible to add clients, websites etc. as well. This is already available in svn, but not fully tested yet.

bseibenick 23rd December 2009 15:56

Thank you. I found the examples directory and will look through those. Do you have an estimate release date for 3.0.2?


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