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didan 10th May 2006 14:12

IspConfig can't remove old datas from mysql
my ispconfig can't remove old datas from mysql.


i create domain or client.. and after i remove this domain..
and i re-create this domain or other entrys ispconfig

"You already created a domain (site, client or other) with the name xxxxxx"

but in ispconfig admin panel this domains or clients not listed.

mysql server is working good i tested in phpmyadmin and other apps.

Thanks for your helping and sorry for my bad english.

till 10th May 2006 14:13

Please empty the recycle bin in ISPConfig for the reseller and / or client.

didan 10th May 2006 14:56

thanks but my rec. bin is empty.

i find my erased data in sql database (with phpmyadmin)
ispconfig erase all data from config files (bind, apache, mail etc...) but can't erase data from db.


i create new A record and i delete this record.
after this steps i re-create this a record and i recive this message.

There is already an A Record entry for this host in this zone.

please help. i delete some domains importance and i can't adding this domains.


till 10th May 2006 14:57

There is more then one recycle bin, please check ALL recycle bin's. This question has been asked many times and has been answered in the forum.

didan 10th May 2006 15:09

ok 3 recycle bins is empty but same problem.

sorry for disquiet but really i need help for resolv this problem.

also yesterday i try uninstall and re install isp config..same problem is existing.

my server Fedora core 5. (installed with guide The Perfect Setup")


falko 10th May 2006 15:48

Have you used ISPConfig's search function to search for the domain?

didan 10th May 2006 16:09

yes i already used search function for domain and domain is not existing.

falko 10th May 2006 16:56

Did you make manual changes to the ISPConfig database before this problem occurred?

didan 10th May 2006 19:34

how make manual changes ? with phpmyadmin or mysqladmin from console ?

(now i update ispconfig to devel version but same problem exist :(((( )

Norman 10th May 2006 20:43

I think ispconfig needs some form of database sanity-check function to avoid these kind of problems :( not everyone has the trouble with emptying a trash can...
and I too have noted once that the site of a client changed ownership to another client for no good reason.

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