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fedrorpet 9th December 2009 16:11

How to change MAC Address??
Hello every one
i just wanna know if someone know how we can change MAC Adress
or if anyone have tutoriel that explain how
Thank you

id10t 9th December 2009 22:39

man ifconfig

id10t 31st December 2009 16:06


Originally Posted by elliotjenn (Post 214825)
this is such a great and informative post, i read this post, this is so helpful to all users,

Build a man a fire, keep him warm for the night. Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.

I'd rather someone learn to be self sufficient than to ask to be spoon fed information...

Now, if he has issues w/ inderstanding the man page, then he should ask for clarification and I'll be happy to help...

mzakelj 6th January 2010 22:34

Under Linux, you can change your MAC address with `ifconfig <interface> hw <class> <address>`, or you can use the GNU MAC Changer.

google is your friend

jaqueskallis 27th January 2010 08:08

You can't change your MAC address you can change your IP address but not your MAC

camelia123 10th March 2010 09:51

Changing Your Mac Address in Windows Vista
hello. i've read this article, and i wanna 2 share

For those of you who do not know what a MAC address is, it is the burned in address that every networking piece of equipment has that is unique. No two pieces of equipment should every have the same MAC address. There are many reasons someone might want to change the MAC address of the network card or wireless card. Maybe they are trying to connect to someone's wireless network that only allows certain MAC addresses. You can also change your MAC address to test your own security settings, and even DHCP settings. So there are many reasons why you might want to change your MAC address.

First off this article is intended for Windows Vista users only, some of the details my apply to Windows XP but everything here was tested in Vista. We need to first find the name of our network card and this is really easy to do. Click start then run and type in "cmd" and click OK to bring up a command prompt. Then to find the name we will type in "ipconfig /all" and press enter. This will give us a lot of information depending on how many network cards that we have. We are going to look at the header of each section of information that ipconfig is going to give us. Every connection will have its own header and once we find the connection we will be using we will copy down the "Description" field that ipconfig gave us. The description of the connection is what we want to take note of here because that is how we will find the settings for it in the registry. So for purposes of this article lets say that our description is "WirelessWiFi Link".

First I would like to give my disclaimer. This article is intended for informational use only and in no way should you ever modify your registry unless you know what you are doing and have a verified backup. Improper modification of your registry can cause you computer to crash.

Now that we have our connection, using the description, within the registry of our computer. So click start and then run again, only this time type "regedt32" and click OK. You will see the registry pop up and you want to navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Within this key lies all of the network card settings for your computer. Scroll through all of the 4 digit codes until you find the one that has a REG_SZ named AdapterModel that is the same as the description we copied down earlier. You have now found you network card within the registry and from here it is pretty simple to change the MAC address. Scroll down and see if there is a REG_SZ name NetworkAddress. If there is simply change this to any 12 digit hexadecimal number you wish, but if it is not there you will have to create it your self. Simply create a new REG_SZ entry named "Network Address" and again give it any 12 digits hexadecimal number you want.

The last step to change your MAC address is to go to your network connections and disable the connection we just change and then re-enable it. You can now do another ipconfig /all and see your new MAC address in the window. To get your old MAC address back simply delete the REG_SZ that you created, or put it back the way it was before you changed it. :)

cemejacky 13th March 2010 04:41

Its impossible to change it. The memory where the MAC Address is stored can not be written on, erased or copied, thus you can only spoof it.Also I'm not sure if this works for everybody, but simply connecting my PS3 to my laptop which then connects wirelessly to the router allows me to play online on a MAC banned PS3. I tried it with my friend's PS3, and it worked fine.

ImaniAbigailWilliams 27th April 2010 14:25

Every Ethernet card has a MAC address burned-in at the factory. At times, you may want to change this MAC address to one of your own choosing.

martine4161 25th May 2010 18:04

In Linux you have one tool named MAC changer, that can help you a lot for that. So basically you have to find that for your problem.

ksrao 20th September 2010 03:21

Change of MAC adress?

MAC address is a Media Access Control Address . It is a 48 bit Hexadecimal address.It is known as physical address. It is allotted by Manufacturer and it is fixed it can not be changed by user.

To clear your basics in linux go through some free linux online test.

Kolla Sanjeeva Rao

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