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rawoo 9th May 2006 03:43

Denyhosts on CentOS 4.3
I want to install the latest version of Denyhosts on CentOS 4.3. Has anyone tried this yet? The latest version of Denyhosts is 2.4, and it requires python 2.4, but installation of the latest python breaks yum and up2date. Any ideas?

falko 9th May 2006 18:34

Have you used yum to search for CentOS python packages? Run

yum search python
What's the output?

rawoo 10th May 2006 04:01

Sorry for the wait. My first attempt with the latest version of python crashed yum. I had to do a fresh install of CentOS. Good thing I was only just starting to configure the system, and not in production.

I ended up just doing a yum install python and then installing denyhosts per your how-to instructions. Even used the older version of denyhosts. Went without a hitch. Thanks anyway.

digitalunltd 1st January 2007 10:07

Config files
Where are:

DENYHOSTS_BIN = "/usr/local/bin/" # looks right
DENYHOSTS_LOCK = # I have no idea


This might be a dumb question, but im new to linux. Any help would be much appreciated.

falko 2nd January 2007 19:13

You can try

DENYHOSTS_LOCK = "/var/run/"
in /usr/share/denyhosts/daemon-control.

digitalunltd 3rd January 2007 06:19

/var/run/ doesnt exist, should I still use that as the path? The last thing I want to do is mess up my ability to SSH connect.

falko 4th January 2007 16:08


Originally Posted by digitalunltd
/var/run/ doesnt exist, should I still use that as the path?

That file is created when you start DenyHosts. Please try.

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