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momfer 1st December 2009 01:15

suPHP (again)
After installing ISPConfig the past week, I got stuck in the suPHP config.

"Premature end of scripts", "Handler "x-http-suphp" not found" and additionally "Handler not found in configuration"

Tried several settings, search many webpages.

At last I change /etc/suphp.conf

x-http-suphp = "php:/usr/bin/php-cgi5" (added the bold stuff)

and that did the trick.

My question is:
Is this finally the right setting, or should i change some setting in another place?

I hope this helps others too!

till 1st December 2009 14:04

Yes, thats the right setting. Normally ispconfig is doing this for you. Maybe you installed suphp after ispconfig or you updated suphp which overwrote the setting?

momfer 1st December 2009 14:30

Thanks for your response Till.

Actually neither one of them. But I am glad that you can confirm that I have the right setting.

suPHP problem down, mail problems to go ;)

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