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jdurand 20th November 2009 19:29

Porting Squirrelmail to Ubuntu 9.10
This has got to have a simple answer but so far I've got nothing...

I've had Squirrelmail running on a Ubuntu for a few years and under OS X before that. I just upgraded the server from 7.10 by installing 9.10 on a new hard disk on spare hardware, copied web, shared files and other configurations over, then moved the disk onto server hardware.

I had to edit a script (not related to squirrelmail) that didn't work under the new BASH version, but everything else except Squirrelmail works. I installed the LAMP-SERVER^ package, but when I try to access Squirrelmail I get:
ERROR: Config file "config/config.php" not found. You need to configure SquirrelMail before you can use it.

Ok, time to run configtest. I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_location() in /usr/share/squirrelmail/src/configtest.php on line 46

It would seem a module isn't loaded or properly configured, but I haven't been able to find anything. It's obviously got the right path since it found the configtest.php file.

Any ideas? I will except that I am missing something very obvious, wouldn't be the first time.

falko 21st November 2009 19:22

Are you sure you copied all files over to the new HDD?

jdurand 21st November 2009 21:47

I think so. First I installed Squirrelmail from scratch with Synaptic Package Manager and then copied over the user data files and the config files...after renaming the default files that the install put there. I would think as long as the config files are there it should work.

That's the theory, but in practice it doesn't.

jdurand 25th November 2009 02:32

I found the problem, it was a permissions error. Works fine now but my desk has a dent where I was bashing my head. :)

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