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jompet 12th November 2009 03:44

How to install updates/drivers from a flash drive
Hi there. Im just new with linux. I just shifted to ubuntu and found out that my broadband doesn't support linux OS. Is it possible to (1)download the updates/driver from other OS(im using dual boot), (2)save it to my flash drive, boot in ubuntu and (3)install updates/driver from my flash drive since I dont have internet connection with Ubuntu? I really wanted to use ubuntu coz im tired of the viruses in Windows. Thanks in advance.


falko 12th November 2009 19:14

Yes, that should work. But it would be even easier if you used a hardware router. Then your client computers wouldn't need any drivers at all.

jompet 13th November 2009 02:39

Hi falco! thanks for the reply but can you please show me how to do it coz i'm just a days old with linux and i'm not familiar with the codes.:confused: or atleast give me a link for tutorial on how to install drivers/updates from a flashdrive. sorry for that. Thanks in advance.

falko 13th November 2009 15:46

What format do the drivers have? Are they .deb packages, .tar.gz, etc.?

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