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Yop 10th November 2009 16:16

Login timed out after 60 seconds
Hi everyone,

I'm running an ISPConfig system under Debian.
It run without problem since about a year.

But when my email client asked for my password (it doesn't usually do), I tried to login to the server to see what's happening.

When I type my login and validate, nothing happens.
60 sec later, I get a message "Login timed out after 60 seconds".

I didn't change anything, there is no auto-update...
The server is under WMware, and the hard drive seems to work more than usual.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this ?

Yop 10th November 2009 21:19


I finally succeeded in login to my server with ssh.
There is an enormous load : 54 (don't really know what it means, but I'm more used to see something like 0,54).

I had the time to launch "top", and it seems that I have a lot of processes running clamscan.

How can I quit clamscan ?
How do you think I should fix that ? (If I ever succeed in login... :()

Sorry for my english, I hope you understand... :o

Any help appreciated

Yop 11th November 2009 01:18

Ok so I answer to myself, maybe it could help someone :
The server had not enough resources...

I transfered 1 VM machine to another server, rebooted debian, let it do his job (lot of mails to process with clamav and spamassassin), and get everything working...

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