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tkmsr 9th November 2009 13:10

compiling Xen kernel as given on howtoforge
I read the tutorial
and while compiling the kernel got an error which I googled and found a solution here
but still it is giving some error I am doing the steps above said on Ubuntu Jaunty machine
could not find the right tutorial any one can suggest me the steps for the Ubuntu

falko 10th November 2009 17:50

Which Ubuntu version do you use?
What's the exact error message?

tkmsr 10th November 2009 19:29

I got the error
/usr/src/linux-2.6.27-xen.hg/arch/x86/kernel/time_32-xen.c:469: undefined reference to `__udivdi3' make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1

Some how luckily I got the solution also by a mailing list on internet
which worked also have a look
It's known 32-bit issue. Instruction is for 64 bit.
Since I am a newbie I dont even know how to apply the patch but then after asking people like right now I am doing I got how to do so in the end kernel compiled but when I booted
it ,didnt worked it took so long time for my computer I kept on getting messages after messages and finally for about 20 minutes this lasted I had to shutdown by pressing the power button for long.
I think I am not clear on which modules to select for compiling Dom0 kernel for Xen on Ubuntu I am using 9.04 desktop editon in which I updated most of the packages but still if you know any thing else that I should have updated do let me know.
I installed the development packages but which ones I am not sure I followed the tutorial on howtoforge that has been mentioned

What I want to do is simply be able to compile a Xen Kernel from
source and be able to run it on my laptop using Ubuntu as Dom0

the latest 2.6.31.x tree from jeremy's git repository
it's at atm
I am using stable hypervisor: 3.4.1 instead of development version 3.5
how can we tune kernel of xen when we call make menuconfig I am not
clear on this part so that it is tuned for Dom0
Xen 3.4.2 released
new stable release
with a lot of bugfixes
3.4.x is still using linux-2.6.18-xen.hg as the default (dom0) kernel
xen 3.5 (or 4.0, not sure yet what it'll be called) changed to pv_ops
dom0 2.6.3x the switch was made a couple of months ago
so xen-unstable (3.5) is already using pv_ops dom0 as a default
hg clone
pv_ops dom0 kernel
'xen/master' is the branch with the latest stuff linux kernel only contains Xen domU (guest) support
so when building Xen dom0 kernel, I need to have a kernel with dom0 patches

the official/supported dom0 kernel for Xen 3.4.x is linux 2.6.18
from mercurial repository
then there is the "new" (still in development) pv_ops dom0 kernel,
which is in the git repository of Jeremy (the main

Now sir pv_ops dom0 patches are planned to be merged into upstream linux kernel
(hopefully) near future i came across this information some where
on internet
.. but there's more like some people (Novell/opensuse) have
'forward-ported' the official 2.6.18 patches to newer kernels.. like
2.6.29, 2.6.31 etc and some people are using those patches for their
dom0 kernels
but those are 'unofficial'
is in 2.6.18 is used when Xen Dom0 kernel is to work contains the latest xen
patches applied to kernel
which can be downloaded with mercurial:
hg clone

since I am doing all this on my laptop if is too old for my
hardware.. novell/opensuse have patches for newer kernels and they
are for Xen forward-ported to apply to newer kernels
OR, another way is to grab Jeremy's pv_ops dom0 kernel which is the future

I am having a laptop which is having a wifi which wont work
Broadcom has released the opensource drivers but still many
distributions have not worked the only which worked was Ubuntu 9.04
so I thought of doing all this on Ubuntu since when I mess with some
thing I would like to search on internet my problem was if I use
2.6.18 kernel for Xen then
my wifi is not working xen requires you to use bridges for the guests
to get internet connectivity
and I am not having a lan connection

and wifi adapters cannot be used with bridges bridges since wifi
doesn't support promisc mode
bridges require promisc mode if I have to use internet in my guest
machines on Xen
I should be using a LAN connection or then you need to do NAT on
dom0 guests can access the internet through the bridge or if I have
to use wifi, then I need to use NAT, and a private host-only bridge
to use only the wifi, without LAN, if I set up host-only bridge, and
NAT from the bridge to wifi nat+dhcp using private ips

I had downloaded from the xen kernel xen-3.4.1 went to
/usr/src and extracted the archives
and then executed make world it completed succesfully but when I
have to do a make install
I used an option given in the README files KERNELS="linux-2.6-xen0
I used it like this make install KERNELS="linux-2.6-xen0 linux-2.6-xenU"
I am now being asked here USB fontend driver (XEN_USB_FRONTEND) [M/n/y]
how do I know which ones should I say yes and which one should I say no

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