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thavaht 7th November 2009 18:35

Virtual domains & BIND configutation
Hi all,

Need a help configuring BIND.
I’ve setup a new server (let’s say, named: doc. following a “virtual users and domain howto” and it works fine.

In my organization, a educational organization, there is a mail server running and configured to accept mails for the domain (

What is intended is to have two subdomains one for students and other for other people (e.g. and with virtual users such as,,, etc., and to have the new server accepting mail for these subdomains.

My questions is how to proper configure BIND so that email to,..., will be delivered to the new server?

So far the zone I’ve set up looks like follows:


$TTL 14400
@      86400    IN      SOA (
                2009101501      ; serial, todays date+todays
                86400          ; refresh, seconds
                7200            ; retry, seconds
                3600000        ; expire, seconds
                86400 )        ; minimum, seconds 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS
tels                    IN A
ns2                            IN A IN A IN A IN MX 10
mail        IN A
www        IN CNAME
ftp        IN CNAME

So I think adding the following lines :
Code: 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS        IN A        IN A        IN MX 10        IN MX 10

Is that a valid configuration?

falko 8th November 2009 15:41

You just need

Code:        IN A        IN A        IN MX 10        IN MX 10

But if emails for should be deliered to a different server, the MX record for must point to that other server.

thavaht 8th November 2009 16:13

Thanks for replying.
Another question I’m facing now is about the reverse zones:

Since I’m using IP’s on 196.28.228.XXX and 196.28.230.XXX, is that legal to create two reverse zones, and

falko 9th November 2009 15:08

Yes, but usually your ISP that gave you the IPs create the reverse records for you. I'd ask them if they can do it for you.

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