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fisherofer 19th October 2009 03:23

pureftp manager
i wish to know more about ftp users
to create user without connection to any web site
so please add pureftp manger
if ispconfig use any tool a web interface to that tool will be more then welcome

thanks for the support

till 20th October 2009 17:14

Adding FTP users with another tool beside ispconfig will mess up your setup. ISPConfig is a hosting control panel and it is not made to add FTP users that do not belong to websites.

fisherofer 21st October 2009 02:47

i agree but lets say i have 50 sites per user
i will create user per site ?
i wanto to create user that have access to few sites
and root to all
and ispconfig dont have it

till 21st October 2009 10:13


i wanto to create user that have access to few sites
This wont work anyway as this FTP user wont have permissions to store files to more then one site. Its not a matter of creating the FTP user manually or with ISPConfig.

Every site has its own linux system user to separate them and your FTP user can have just the permissions for one of them at a time. This separateion is nescessary to ensure that not all your site data gets accessed by other users and that not all sites get infected in case that one site gets hacked.

fisherofer 21st October 2009 16:21

i love ispconfig and i agree i can to create user without the ispconfig system
but just a big Q
to add option to create ftp user per ispconfig user not just sites

if i will create the user can i add them to the ispconfig database ?

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