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jpmendoza 13th October 2009 11:11

can i install ispconfig2 in existing debian?

can everyone help me... my problem is, i dont know if i can install the ispconfig2 in existing debian OS on my VPS, existing beacause there's some website host in my container...

thanks for help...

martinfst 13th October 2009 23:02

Theoretically you can, by carefully adding the pre-requisites for ISPC, but most likely you will create a lot of problems and/or even loose your existing websites.

I would strongly advise to start with a clean box using one of the perfect setup guides on this site.

jpmendoza 14th October 2009 06:37

I have a backup of my website, but if it install in a fresh container, it is 100% working well? and can i upload the backup of my website?

till 14th October 2009 10:23

If you follow the installation instructions, it is working well of course. Then you have to create a new website in ispconfig and copy the content of your website into the newly created website directory.

jpmendoza 16th October 2009 05:47

dont know to input
Hi everyone

can someone help on what to input in this details needed in installing ISPConfig2? Do i need to register a new domain name or can i use my existing domain name or can I make a unique domain name in my own?

Please enter the host name: E.g. www
Please enter the domain: E.g.

Your help is very appreciated... Thank you

till 16th October 2009 10:13

You can use any domain as long as it points with a DNS A-Record to your server. If you dont have a domain yet, you can leave hostname empty and then enter the IP adress of your server as domain name.

jpmendoza 16th October 2009 11:10

Hi till

i can't access my server in port:81 its failed to connect but i successfully the ispconfig

what is the possible problem of this?


jpmendoza 16th October 2009 12:34

how can i install mysql-devel?

till 16th October 2009 12:35

Just follow exactly the perfect server guide for the linux distribution and ispconfig version that you use. you find links to the guides on

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