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wilix 24th September 2009 21:33

File Manager / WEBftp
I like it to see a "File Manager" in ISPConfig.
So users could online create, edit and delete files or folders.

And if you have administrator or reseller rights, you could also do this for your clients.

If you don't understand me, tell it me. I'm from the Netherlands and my English isn't very good.

Edek7 25th September 2009 00:24

Really I don`t see any reason to add something like file editor to ispconfig because it`s useless and should not be implemented because of security reasons.

wilix 25th September 2009 11:05

But if you look to DirectAdmin or another web control panel, the most of them does have someone.

Or you could install it as addon.

ezhandossov 7th October 2009 16:00

I think this shuld be not "file manager" but something like WEBftp

wilix 25th November 2009 22:13


Originally Posted by ezhandossov (Post 206725)
I think this shuld be not "file manager" but something like WEBftp

Sorry for my late answer.

ezhandossov, thanks for the right name.
I mean something like a WEBftp.

theWeird 26th November 2009 07:20

Please have a look at the roadmap for 3.0.4:

voidzero 2nd December 2009 16:39

Sounds like a great idea!

lollone 7th March 2010 20:42


Originally Posted by voidzero (Post 212524)
Sounds like a great idea!

yes yes! :)

loadingjkr 26th June 2012 09:22

muy buena idea
es muy importante este complemento ;)
file manager para ispconfig

por que el FTP es muy lento

Mark_NL 26th June 2012 10:58

This would not make me a very happy person.

Seriously, this will bring in a sh*tload of security measures into the story.

f.e. ispconfig webgui runs on Apache (uid 33). If client12 (uid 1012) logs in, creates a dir in his homedir, he's not allowed, unless you make the dir world writable, owned by uid 33 or put them both in the same group and set group permissions correct beforehand. Running apache as root is seriously not an option. Throw the action in the jobqueue and let the cron take care of it, but that's not the main purpose of that cron (and the users needs to wait max 59sec.) so also not really an option.

How would you handle these kind of things (this was just one example).

Whoever wants can build it into the system, but for the sake of security, make it a modular and disable it (completely!) by default.

I agree with ezhandossov that it should be a WebFTP client instead of a file manager.

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