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gg234 27th April 2006 13:53

Set Up A Loadbalanced High-Availability Apache Cluster

This is nice walk through and i have one question about this in this example you have menctioned only two nodes with static ipaddress

Apache node 1: (webserver1) - IP address:; Apache document root: /var/www
Apache node 2: (webserver2) - IP address:; Apache document root: /var/www

My question is if i am hosting webserver with static and virtual ipaddress how does loadbalace will work with the virtual ipaddresses.Ultramonkey is having some problems with the virtual ipaddresses and hosting websites on that .Whenever any user send a incoming request it goes through virtual ip and it should reach the website hosting on virtual ipaddress.How we will go about this?


falko 27th April 2006 17:46

I don't know if this setup works if you have multiple web sites on your web server. Normally a web server cluster is something for a high-traffic web site (i.e., you host just one big web site on the cluster nodes).

calande 24th May 2006 22:43

As a side note, I'm looking for a web hosting supplier that offers PostgreSQL clustering (read/write) with unlimited scaling. Do you know any?

falko 27th May 2006 22:38

Unfortunately, I don't know of such a hosting company... :(

calande 28th May 2006 04:46

Argh... And I thought PostgreSQL would scale better than MySQL...

calande 29th May 2006 17:51

A quick head up here :)
Could you recommend good MySQL cluster hosting companies with unlimited scaling?

falko 30th May 2006 01:44

Same answer as before... :(
If you need a MySQL cluster, you should think about renting some dedicated servers.

calande 30th May 2006 02:14

I already rent 2 dedicated servers but my supplier doesn't know how to set up a cluster environment, only load balancing with an F5 BigIP...

falko 30th May 2006 17:23

You can have a look at the clustering howtos here on HowtoForge, but I guess you'll need more than two servers (or you set up virtual machines on your hardware with Xen or OpenVZ (we also have tutorials for this :) )).

calande 30th May 2006 17:49

Thank you Falko. Most probably your cluster tutorial is very well written ;)
Problem is that I'm not a technical person at all :(
I need a company to set it up and manage it for me...:rolleyes:

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