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tristanlee85 23rd April 2006 13:35

Complete newbie questions
I've been browsing through this forum and through the ISPconfig documentation and I'm completely lost. I'll begin with the fact that I am currently running a webserver and it's only accessable remotely by the IP address. I've actually got these domain purchased by a registrar: and

I'm trying to figure out how to setup a domain ( to run from my computer. I've installed ISPconfig successfully and I've been messing with a lot of things in the admin section (localhost:81). I've got so many questions I don't even know where to begind. Basically, the FedEx site I'm working on was originally located at and now I'd like to set it up to Stuff like the DNS servers I'm not sure what to enter. I saw in the documentation that the example showed 2 IP addresses, but I ony have one IP address.

Can anyone help? I'm completely unsure as where to begin.

oliver.blaha 23rd April 2006 13:42

I'll try to help you, but you have to make some things a littlbe bit clearer.

Am I right that you can specifiy which IP address the domains should point to?

Does your computer have a fixed IP address? Or is it connected with a dialup account with flexible IP addresses?

tristanlee85 23rd April 2006 19:04

I have a static IP address from my cable company ( and I setup this computer that I'm on to have a static IP on

falko 23rd April 2006 19:24

Then you must point the DNS records for to and forward port 80 from your router to your ISPconfig system. Afterwards, create a web site for with ISPConfig (if you haven't already).

tristanlee85 24th April 2006 04:03

So I don't need to purchase the domain to be able to do this? I can't even get BIND to work correctly. It says it's offline and I have no idea what I put for my nameserver 1 and 2. Here is what I currently have:

till 24th April 2006 10:47


So I don't need to purchase the domain to be able to do this?
If you want to use a domain in the internet, you must own this domain or the owner of this domain must allow you to set DNS-Records for the domain.

To your bind problem:

Did you get any errors when you start bind on the commandline?

tristanlee85 25th April 2006 02:51

Alright. The domain is purchased and I currently have it forwarding to my IP. I just can't figure out how to set this up so instead of forwarding to my IP, I can use nameservers and have the site work that way.

tristanlee85 25th April 2006 03:51


Originally Posted by till
Did you get any errors when you start bind on the commandline?


[root@localhost tristan]# /etc/init.d/named start
Starting named:
Error in named configuration:
/etc/named.conf:3: change directory to '/var/named/chroot/var/named' failed: file not found

/etc/named.conf:3: parsing failed
[root@localhost tristan]#

falko 25th April 2006 17:16

Which distribution do you use? What's in /etc/named.conf?

tristanlee85 26th April 2006 08:29

I'm using Fedora Core 5 and named.conf is completely blank.

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