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foscolino 28th August 2009 11:55

PTR Zone problem
Hello, I have a problem to configure PTR zone for my domain..
For example, I want to create PTR zone for IP:
We are an autonomous system, all IP classes ( are managed by myself.

1) I have created a new zone

2) I have add a CNAME record:
hostname: 34
target hostname: 34.100-24.

3) I have add a PTR record
name: webhosting01
Cname: 34.

if I try to do:
nslookup -type=ptr

** server can't find REFUSED

which is the problem?
which is my error? I don't know why i receveid this error..
can we help me, please?

bluejay3 2nd September 2009 07:13

Create a zone
Add records in this zone:
NS [empty]
NS [empty]
NS 0-24
NS 0-24
CNAME 34 34.0-24

Create a zone
Add records in this zone:
NS [empty]
NS [empty]
PTR 34 webhosting01 (i think data should be FQDN)

- OR -

You could probably get away with only having the main zone if you only get DNS requests for your subnet anyways.
Create a zone
Add records in this zone:
NS [empty]
NS [empty]
PTR 34

Let me know if this works.

foscolino 3rd September 2009 13:24

reverse ok... but propagate zone..
Hi bluejay3,
thanks a lot for your support...i have configurated zone on your instructions and now the reverse ip work correctly..
If I try to do nslookup by dns server I receive the correct response:

andrea@ubuntu-malago:~$ nslookup
Address: canonical name = 34.0-24.

But if I try to resolv ptr zone by another dns i receive error message

catterin@jest-pub:~$ nslookup

** server can't find NXDOMAIN

I dont' know why the zone not yet been propagated correctly..
Since the change was made three days have passed..

bluejay3 4th September 2009 00:28

Quote: canonical name = 34.0-24.
Change the CNAME target from (34.0-24.) to just (34.0-24) with no period. This nslookup result should be '' if you configured everything properly. And you would need a '' zone in this case too.

First off, I do not think you need to seperate your zones out like you have been. The only reason I feel you need a 0-24, or whatever, sub-zone is if you are trying to assign differnent subnets of the zone to different clients, so each client can only access and change their subnet. If you are just using the zone for yourself and don't have other users/clients trying to access differnet subnets then just create the main zone as follows:

Create a zone
Add records in this zone:
NS [empty]
NS [empty]
PTR 34

foscolino 4th September 2009 11:38

ok bluejay3,
I'm using zones for myself, not for my client..

Now I have activated only this zone how this:

whit these records:

If you look PTR record has period (.) final..
If I set PTR record whitout period the reverse not work correctly.. :confused:

Now, if I try to resolv PTR record from nameserver the result is correct:

andrea@ub-malago:~$ nslookup
Address: name =

But is correct for you for correct propagation?
thanks for your precious support!! :)

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