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Keeper 26th August 2009 16:27

In need of newbie help
I set up an Ubuntu server in VirtualBox following this guide:

Everything is okay, except that "quotacheck -avugm" gives error "quotacheck: Cannot find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option.". I wasn't able to solve it despite the error being discussed in many topics on this same forum. But no matter since I don't really need quota in the production server either.

Actual problem is ISPConfig 3 itself. I created two clients one website each. Now, the first client has same hostname as I set up in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname. Second client uses different hostname.

Now, when I try to access the first website by hostname, it leads me to the default apache site. And when I try to access the second website by hostname, it gives me custom ISPConfig error message "ERROR 403 - Forbidden!".

What I have missed? What do I need to do to have hostnames directed to correct directories?

Thanks in advance. :)

Edit: I got second hostname working, it was a silly error from my part. However, first hostname still directs to default apache site.
Edit 2: quotacheck error was because I was using ext4 instead of ext3. I switched to ext3 and quota is now usable, although it does suggest using journaled quota instead.

till 27th August 2009 14:28

Try to select the IP address instead of * for the website.

Keeper 27th August 2009 19:46

ISPConfig3 doesn't display anything but * in the list, no ip-address in the list.

till 27th August 2009 20:02

Then add the IP address(es) under system > edit server IP.

Keeper 28th August 2009 12:01

I added IP-address and set it to both first and second website. There was no change in the first website and second website also then directed to the default apache site.

I changed it back to * and second website started working again.

till 28th August 2009 12:21

Then you either added the wrong IP address or the DNS A-Records of your domains point to a different IP address.

Keeper 28th August 2009 16:29

I only have one public IP-address, same as which is used in DNS record.

Let me describe the problem again, by using and to which I have DNS-A records set up.
- I set public IP-address and example1 hostname in /etc/hosts, and example1 hostname in /etc/hostname.
- After setting up all necessary services and installing ISPConfig 3, I created two websites. One for example1 and another for example2.
- Example1 hostname still points to default Apache page, but example2 works correctly.
- If I add the public IP in "Edit Server IP" and add it to example1 and example2 websites in ISPConfig, both sites are directed to default Apache page.

In a nutshell, example2 works fine until I specify an IP-address to it and example1 never works.

till 30th August 2009 12:09

Is this server in your local network behind a router?

Keeper 3rd September 2009 08:58

Nevermind that problem, on production server all is well. Except subdomains. Production server is hosting two domains, and each in their own IP-address. Both work without problems. But subdomains I have trouble with.

I have created DNS A-record for subdomain by going to DNS, selected, Records, A, set in hostname and same IP-address as

Then I added a new website under Sites, set's IP-address as the subdomain's IP-address, set as domain name and auto-subdomain I left to none.

24 hours later subdomain is still not working. What I have missed? I have searched this forums a lot but they all say the same, A-record should be all that's needed besides of creating a new website of course.

As for error itself. Firefox gives me "Address Not Found" - "Firefox can't find the server at". And Chrome gives me "DNS error - cannot find server". So it looks like a DNS problem. Is setting A record in ISPConfig not enough?

till 3rd September 2009 12:20

1) Are there any pending tasks in the jobqueue?
2) Can you ping the domain name from your workstation and does it return the correct IP address?

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