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Horfic 23rd August 2009 15:41

Mailuser interface
As it is highly requested that a mailuser interface has to be made. I would like to code one for Roundcube, furthermore extending the roundcube addon for ISPConfig to a full mail user interface and also a version for the Squirrelmail.

I know it wouldn't be a mailuser interface in ISPConfig, but wouldn't it be better when the mailuser just has to know one url where he can check his mail and change his settings?

When that would be fine i would start pretty fast with the addons.

@ISPConfig team
Will the Remote API and the package system be finished with the new ISPConfig

PS: If somebody wants to help, just contact me.

till 23rd August 2009 16:31

Would be great to have a plugin for roundcube for this as I see this as a better solution then integrating this in ISPConfig itself.

The package system is already finished since 3.0.1.
The remoting API might be in if the code all works, if there are problems it might be delayed until 3.0.2.

Horfic 23rd August 2009 16:55

So theoretically i could work with remote api from the svn?
Would make work much easier.

I think i will implement:
*) Vacation
*) Forward
*) Password changer
*) Filter rules
*) Spam control

I won't do the alias, because i think this is a thing what only a admin should be able to do.
But maybe i will add also the fetchmail.

Of course there will be an option to switch the features on or off per user

till 24th August 2009 09:09

The complete remoting API will be in SVN in a few days. You should use the remoting API for this as using your own functions might make your plugin incompatible when a new ispconfig version gets released were the table layout is changed.

Horfic 24th August 2009 09:36

I know i should use it, but it wasn't finished when i wrote my plugin. So what else was I suppost to do?

till 24th August 2009 09:42

Maybe you could have added the functions that were missing at that time to the remoting library instead of adding them to the roundcube code.

Horfic 13th September 2009 14:27

How do I get the informations like domain_id, mail_id, etc from the api, so I can finish it and release it in view days.

till 14th September 2009 13:45

I guess we will have to specify a few lookup functions in the remoting API for that which enable searching by domain name etc.

Horfic 9th October 2009 21:07

Because none of my beta testers really wrote some feedback back. I decided to make it an open beta!

This is version is just for testing purposes! No Warranty!
ONLY FOR ROUNCUBE 0.3 or above

1.) Upgrade your system from the SVN.
2.) Create a remote user in the ISPConfig panel.
3.) Go to your phpmyadmin and into the ISPConfig database
4.) Go to the table remote_user and edit the user you just created.
5.) Edit the remote_functions to the following:

mail_user_get,mail_user_update,mail_alias_get,mail _forward_get,mail_forward_add,mail_forward_update, mail_spamfilter_user_get,mail_spamfilter_user_add, mail_spamfilter_user_update

6.) Copy the plugins to your Roundcube plugin folder
7.) Enable the plugins in the Roundcube config file

CAUTION: The account plugin is required for all other plugins.

8.) Test, Write your feedback and enjoy^^

PS: You are welcome to translate them.

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Instructions and download are found here:

Horfic 1st November 2009 17:59

UPDATE for the ISPConfig3_spam plugin

Works now to 100%!

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Instructions and download are found here:

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