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Philio 18th August 2009 05:24

Installer dies
I have tried several times to install MyDNSConfig, although MyDNS is dead easy to configure manually I thought it would be a nice addon, however the installer just dies after I choose the MySQL character set, no errors, just exits.

I have 2 mysql servers setup with master/master replication both running MySQL 5.1.37. Both have access enabled from the web servers and are accessable without problem with mysql -h <mysql hostname> -u root -p but the installer is not making any modifications.

Can anyone advise how to fix this?

falko 18th August 2009 13:56

What MySQL character set did you select? Did you accept the default one?

qbicx 13th July 2010 15:13

You need PHP module for MySQL.


aptitude install php5-mysql

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