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Brenton 17th August 2009 19:57

Postgresql on ISPConfig 3

I need to run and manage both MySQL and Postgreql on ISPConfig 3. I've read all I can find in the ver 2 section, but can't seem to apply it to ver 3.

I have a brand new server with Hetzner DE (Ubuntu 9.04) and have installed ISPConfig 3 and it works perfectly with MySQL. I have installed Postgresql and uninstalled ISPConfig and then reinstalled with no problem, but not sure how to get Postgresql to work.

Any pointers will be great.


PS. I have read all I can find and still not able to figure this out.

till 18th August 2009 13:10

ISPConfig 3 does not support postgresql yet. But also ISPConfig 2 does not support postgresql.

Brenton 18th August 2009 13:13

Hi Till

Thanks for the reply. Aside from this one issue I'm loving ISPConfig 3. I have mailed Hetzner DE to ask them to provide it with their root servers as I'm planning to move my South African server to Hetzner DE too.


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