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crypted 6th August 2009 06:37

roadmap for 2.x?
Could we get a roadmap for the general plans with 2.x? Like, plans to develop a transition method to 3.x? Update plans? How long will 2.x be supported? What kind of support and upgrades are planned?

Just some good general thoughts that I know many 2.x users are wondering.

Thanks guys!
falko, till, great work as always.
Everyone else involved as well, cu-dos.

till 7th August 2009 11:46

I will try to add the roadmap to the bugtracker for v2 in the next days.

crypted 9th October 2009 08:23

Any luck building such a roadmap our dear ISPCONFIG warriors?

crypted 21st January 2010 03:55

Is it safe to assume 2.x is done??? Should we look into somehow formatting our servers to go to the 3.x branch?

Or, will we have a method at some point as originally planned to migrate?

Thanks guys!

till 21st January 2010 10:42

ISPConfig 2 is still under active development. If you take a look at the news page on, you will see that we released more ISPConfig 2 versions in the last months then ISPConfig 3 versions.

There is no direct migration from ispconfig 2 to 3 possible, as ispconfig 3 uses a completely different system architecture.

I'm still using ISPConfig 2 on several of my servers and I do not plan to migrate one of them to ISPConfig 3. Only on new servers, I use ispconfig 3 as all of my new servers are controlled by a single ispconfig 3 interface.

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