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scandal32 5th August 2009 16:24


Can anyone tell me (send?) how to write plugin to use PowerDNS instead builted-it dns?

agoston 12th August 2009 13:59

I think no module needed just a properly configured powerdns. Which linux distribution are you using? I will do powerdns setup on gentoo.

till 12th August 2009 14:19

Powerdns uses a different table structure then mydns and as far as I know you can not specify the sql queries in the powerdns configuration so falko has written a wrapper plugin for ispconfig.

There is a powerdns plugin in SVN, but you have to enable it manually.

agoston 12th August 2009 14:27

You CAN specify the querys in powerdns.

But first I will check the module.

BTW, do mydns do NOTIFY to the slaves?

till 12th August 2009 14:31

Thats even better, then we can remove the plugin and offer a custom powerdns config file instead.

agoston 12th August 2009 14:32

Ok, then I won't check the modules, do the queries instead :)

agoston 13th August 2009 13:26

Is there any rule howto prompt the user to make selection in the install between for example powerdns and mydns? I can hack the install to configure powerdns instead of mydns, but I was wandering if there is a nicer solution...

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