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Stewart81 29th July 2009 17:52

Unable to Login to ISPConfig

Up until this morning I have never had a problem logging into ISPConfig. Today for whatever reason it won't let me login. I go to the domain and I get the login box. I enter the admin username and passwork, it goes to the login.php file and then redirects me to the login page. I don't receive any type of error about an incorrect username or password. If I enter the wrong information I do receive an error so I know that it's not having a problem with the info in the MySQL DB. Anyone run into this problem before?



till 29th July 2009 19:02

Make sure that yor browser accepts cookies and allows header redirects.

Stewart81 29th July 2009 19:09

Hi Till,

I checked that and it is good. I also verified this with several different browsers and got the same result.



till 29th July 2009 23:21

Have you cahnged the mysql root password since you logged in the last time?

Stewart81 30th July 2009 00:46


No, I haven't changed the root pw. In fact it appears to be accessing the database fine because when I enter an incorrect username and password it tells me that the username or password I entered was not found. I would almost suspect a problem with the cookies except for the fact that cookies are enabled and working on every other website.



till 30th July 2009 10:13

Have you changed something else like the hostname of the server or the IP?
Is the harddisk full?

Stewart81 30th July 2009 17:50

Hi Till,

Nope, the IP and the hostname are still the same and the HD is less than 6% full. The odd thing is it happened right after we had a lightning storm here that knocked my internet out for around 12 hours. I was using it just before and it worked fine. I lost the internet and when the internet came back up I could no longer access it. Just to clarify the ISPConfig is being used on a remote dedicated server.



falko 31st July 2009 20:26

Have you tried to clear the browser cache?

Stewart81 31st July 2009 20:27

Hi Falko,

Yes I cleared the cache.



falko 1st August 2009 11:28

I'd try to restart MySQL or even the whole server. I hope it's no hard drive problem...

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