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HarshReality 24th August 2005 23:34

REQ: slightly simpler setup...
I wonder if anyone has a howto as detailed to create a linux http server with SQL, FTP or/and SMB for a local home network. Perfect Setup is good but I dont realy need anything that over bloated for personal use on my local. also does anybody know of a http interface that only controls those aspects so I can maintain it as the server wil be headless? If so can you post it here or email me at so I can see about getting this going, Im tryingto go as barebaone as possible on it.

falko 25th August 2005 11:14

What exactly do you need? Just Samba, or FTP, or MySQL, or all of them, and why do you need MySQL for a home server, without Apache/PHP? What do you want to do with that kind of server?

domino 25th August 2005 11:39

You can search and you'll find you way back here :D. i have looked, read, demoed free and paid Control Panel Scripts. Some waaay over bloated, some too expensive, some under developed. The devs of ISPConfig seam to be active with there product. The perfect how to was geared to installing ISPConfig. ISPC would not be of any use if you ripped some parts out of it's guts.

As far as ISPC being bloated? See what you don't need, for example, for me I don't need DNS Server. I turn off the DNS service and other linux services whish saves me memory and rescources. SMB runs completely seperate with ISPC. ISPC is a product that control your hosting. NOT a product that runs and controls your server. If you want to control your server, take a look at webmin. Google it and you'll see where it is.

HarshReality 29th August 2005 14:48

Well I did a strip down using the FC4 tutorial Apache section, MySQL section and for rounding out added SMB. So now the thing boots with the webserver and MySQL active. All I have to do is setup SMB so I can get into it from my MS terminals (not worried about passwords since its local only) and setup telnet to reboot or shut it down and I will drop the monitors off and have it all by its lonesome on a shelf.

Anybody here got familiarity with SMB and could post a conf file that has bare min. guest access and share directories all writable Id be most apreciative. The nI can mod it to suit my system and finally be done with this project and get back to asp & php >:)

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