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alex288288 7th July 2009 09:41

Install Centos ISPconfig
hey everyone, im going crazy i cant install this script, everytime i goto install it i get this error:

[root@host21 ~]# wget
Resolving failed: Name or service not known.

does ANYONE know the reason and how do i fix this??

using Centos 5.3

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edge 7th July 2009 10:39

Can you ping any other domain from that system?
If not your network setup is incorrect

alex288288 7th July 2009 11:03

apparently i cant ping anything either, is there a way to fix this?
the server still works and connects http. and ssh

this is what i did

[root@host21 ~]# ping
ping: unknown host
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edge 7th July 2009 11:38

It looks like your nameserver (DNS) is not set.
You will need to add a working nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf

Try using the one from your provider.

resolv.conf should look something like this

nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx
xx.xx.xx.xx should be an IP from a working nameserver

When all is done ok, you should be able to ping, and update

alex288288 7th July 2009 11:45

ive done this,

when i goto my conf file i get this info

nameserver 208.XX.233.53
search 208.XX.233.53 localdomain

should i change the second line also?
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Mark_NL 7th July 2009 12:33

you're nameserver is probably down or not responding to queries .. anyway, change it to another ip (or add one).

you could add some free ns servers

the "search.." line is optional

alex288288 7th July 2009 13:21

hi, mark,

i have changed my NS back to my IP and it is still not working, i have also enabled Bind Dns Server in hyperVM as it was disabled

i also noticed when i login to SSH it used to show my IP it shows my old domain name

root@host21 ~]# wget

it USED to show

root@208.XX.233.53 ~]# wget

ive also uninstalled Webmin as it WAS installed and i was able to wget ..

Mark_NL 7th July 2009 13:54

root@208.XX.233.53 .... and .. nameserver 208.XX.233.53

so you got yourself as dns server? What are the forwarding nameservers?
If your server can't find an ip, it'll use the forwarders, if none specified, no ip will be found ..

just set resolv.conf like this:

that's it, not your own ip, just the isp's ..

alex288288 7th July 2009 14:01

hey mark,

i dont have any DHCP installed.. at least i dont think so,

this may sound dumb, but how do i go about finding my ISP IP address?
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Mark_NL 7th July 2009 16:11

hehe, i've never said DHCP :)

Anyway, the problem that exists now is that your server can't resolv a hostname (f.e. to an IP address .. that's when DNS servers come in.

can you output the content of:
- /etc/resolv.conf
- /etc/hosts
- ifconfig

and paste them in your reply.

Also: What ISP is your server connected to? Or is your server located in a datacenter? if so, what's the name of the datacenter?

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