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dinesh.4126 6th July 2009 14:45

Bulk SMS gateway
In My Project we need to send Bulk sms related to weather information people who are located in coastal area using GSM Modem.So after net surfing I found that Kannel will send bulk SMS but will it compatible with GSM network.Platform we are using LINUX Debain.
So kindly Suggest me upon this????

topdog 7th July 2009 13:44

of course kannel is compartable, if you cared to read the documentation you will see that it supports most smsc protocols available you can even use a gsm modem.

dinesh.4126 7th July 2009 15:12

Bulk SMS gateway
Thanx for Reply.I had gone through mannual of kannel I had one doubt in smskannel.conf and wapkannel.conf is that I downloaded kannel from debain packages and only one configuartion is their kannel.conf inside /etc/kannel directory ,so will I need to edit only kannel.cong for SMS gateway because their is no smskannel.conf is genearted.

topdog 7th July 2009 15:18

yes thats it.

edge 10th July 2009 21:58

I've just installed SMS Server Tools 3, and this is (for me) working great!

More info can be found at:

MySMS 14th September 2009 08:04

Hi Our company is provided bulk sms services. For details contact us on our site

Franz 14th September 2009 09:18

Hi, my company also provide BULK (wold wide) and premium SMS for whole europe.

steveljohn8 30th September 2009 14:15

You may use the sms marketing software for this purpose.It will send sms in bulk where you want to send.;)

simrnz 18th December 2009 08:24

ya sending bulk sms messages via software is the best method in my opinion. There are a lot of Free Bulk SMS text messaging softwares available for businesses to send marketing & advertising SMS messages to customers with mobile phone from PC.

tomastamm 26th July 2010 13:26

best and cheapest , Api

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