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kbensch 2nd July 2009 21:49


I have setup ISPconfig and it all looks good.

When I type the server IP address I get the centos/apache test page. That means apache is working.

I can get to the control panel.


in the monitor it say that the wer-server service is stopped.

I tried looking to see what the problem is but i dont see anything wrong

Also it broke the tomcat I had on the server that was working fine.

Please help.


kbensch 2nd July 2009 22:07

apache is not loading the config in /etc/httpd/conf/sites-enabled/

why would this be

kbensch 2nd July 2009 22:20

Hi me again

It is loading the config files, but it is not serving the html files in the web dir.

Anybody any ideas

sirrus 2nd July 2009 23:59

Error Message???
Hi - what is the error message? Please provide the last 20 lines of /var/log/apache2/error.log


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