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Hans 25th June 2009 23:34

Which XEN howto is recommended for webhosting?
Some time ago i've setup XEN on Debian Lenny according:


Today i noticed that there is another way to setup XEN by following this new howto:


Now i wonder myself what is the big difference between those two methods?

The Virtual machine which are created according HOWTO 1 are LVM based virtual machines, which is what i want, but is it also the case when i follow the 2nd HOWTO ?

Is it better to follow the 2nd howto because XEN-SERVER provided by Citrix is much newer then the verion which comes with Debian Lenny or not?

What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Besides the version, are there big differences anyway?

Which is the better solution for webhosting?

falko 26th June 2009 15:38

The first solution gives you much more control over your setup, while in the second solution, you have a fancy control panel. To be honest, I can't say if XenServer creates image-based or LVM-based guests. But as far as I know, XenServer is based on RedHat, and I can't say how much it was customized, but if anything goes wrong, it might be difficult to repair it...

Hans 29th June 2009 19:23

I think you're right Falko. I guess you're right Falko. Control is very important. I think i will stay with XEN provided by Debian, but the fanct interface to manage some XEN tasks is really nice.

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